The Mental Health Nurse Credential recognises the qualifications, skills, expertise and experience of nurses who are practicing as specialist mental health nurses. It demonstrates to employers, professional colleagues, consumers and carers that an individual nurse has achieved the professional standard for practice in mental health nursing. The Credential also increases awareness of the contribution mental health nurses make to the mental health of the community.

A Credentialed Mental Health Nurse is a specialist nurse who has demonstrated meeting the credentialing criteria in relation to

  • registration
  • education
  • practice experience
  • professional development, and
  • professional integrity

The ACMHN Credential is the only nationally consistent standard for recognition of specialist mental health nurses.

Where can I find out more information about the process?

Simple, go to the Credential for Nurses (C4N) website: Resources and Templates

Here, you will find the C4N:

  • Qualification Framework
  • Professional Credentialing Application Guidelines
  • EBR CPD Evidence Based Record Template, or check out the new CPD EBR APP!
  • Employer Statement Template
  • Reference Template

You will, however, need to also refer to the ACMHN Resources & Templates. This will provide you with the resources and templates specific to mental health nurses.

  • Mental Health Nursing Addendum to Qualification Framework
  • ACMHN Appendix to the Application Guidelines
  • ACMHN Evidence Based Record Guide and Examples

How do I apply?

Click here for more information on how to apply.

What does it cost to become credentialed?

Click here to find out the Credentialing Fee applicable to you. 



(Page updated 1 November 2017)