Welcome to the Consultation Liaison Special Interest Group

The primary purpose of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Consultation Liaison (CL) Special Interest Group (SIG) is to promote interest in and the development of CL nursing.

The CLSIG provides members of The College who have a particular interest in CL with a forum for exchanging news, views and ideas in this evolving and emerging sub-speciality in mental health nursing. The CLSIG promotes research endeavours and other matters of interest in CL by sponsoring an annual conference and via other means such as meetings or workshops that are considered timely and worthwhile. The CLSIG operates within the framework of The College's general guidelines for SIGs.


What does a CL mental health nurse do?

Broadly, a CL nurse focuses on the mental health care of people in non-psychiatric (generalist) settings, most commonly but not exclusively, in general hospital wards, emergency departments, and nursing homes. The CL nurse aims to improve outcomes in patient care from a mental health perspective through working directly with patients and indirectly through increasing the capacity of staff to recognise and attend to the mental health needs of patients in these settings.

The CL nurse:

  • works with patients and their relatives providing expert mental health assessment and intervention;
  • provides guidance, education and support to generalist staff caring for the patient and collaborates with them in developing a plan of care;
  • acts as a positive role model to generalist staff in psychiatric - mental health care and practice;
  • works with the organisation or department as a mental health resource on mental health related projects, education and policy development; and
  • acts as a link between generalist and mental health services (public and private, hospital and community).



Consultation Liaison Nurse Network - open forum

The Mental Health Consultation Liaison Nurse Network aims to link peers for an exchange of information and ideas. Given the nature of this mental health sub-speciality, Nurses working in this field are usually pretty independent practitioners and often don't have regular contact with peers who share CL Nurse experiences and interests. The email network began in February 2002 as a Yahoo email list and has gained momentum over subsequent years. The email network's formation and development coincided with the formation and development of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN) Consultation Liaison Special Interest Group (CLSIG). The email network is also promoted by the NSW/ACT Mental Health Consultation Liaison Nurses Association. In 2012 the CLSIG approached the ACMHN to establish a new list that would be maintained by the ACMHN. You do not have to be a member of the ACMHN to join the new CLSIG list.

The ACMHN and the CLSIG do not take responsibility for nor endorse opinions expressed through this network. The email network is not moderated (i.e. uncensored), but nuisance posts (abusive, racist, sexist, advertising etc.) will not be tolerated. We take pride that the tone of the email network has always been casual, generous and supportive. We take pride that the tone of the email network has been always casual, generous supportive, and that it has attracted over 366 subscribers from at least nine countries. No matter where you live and work, if you're a Mental Health/Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Nurse you are very welcome to join our email network.

The network is maintained by the ACMHNs CLSIG. To subscribe, click here.