Welcome to the Psychotherapy Special Interest Group

The primary function of the Psychotherapy Special Interest Group (the PSIG) is to facilitate, promote and advance psychotherapy as a component of Mental Health Nursing practice by:

  • Providing members of the College and other Mental Health Nurses who have a particular interest in psychotherapy with a forum for exchanging news, views and ideas.
  • Working with the ACMHN board and where appropriate allied organisations to increase the professional and public recognition of the psychotherapy skills inherent in Mental Health Nursing practice.
  • Investigating and advancing a system of accreditation for psychotherapy in Mental Health Nursing Practice.
  • Promoting and advancing the formal inclusion of specific psychotherapy training in postgraduate Mental Health Nursing and the development of formal and accredited psychotherapy qualifications within the profession.
  • Promoting research endeavours and other matters of interest in psychotherapy by sponsoring conferences and/or via other means such as meetings or workshops that are considered timely and worthwhile.
  • Engaging (with Board approval where appropriate) with such other professional, academic or service provision bodies in collaborative or mutually supportive ventures to promote the practice of psychotherapy.
  • The SIG will work towards a consensual definition of psychotherapy in Mental Health Nursing.


Membership of the Psychotherapy Special Interest Group is open to financial members of the ACMHN with an interest in Psychotherapy.

To join the PSIG college members should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and indicate their desire to join.

The PSIG largely communicates via the PSIG e-list. Non-members may join the e-list. Joining the e-list is strongly recommended for intending members of the PSIG but will not automatically confer membership. These are two separate exercises.

Terms of Reference