First Time Presenter Award



The Best First Time Presenter Award is presented to the individual who has never presented at an international  conference/conference with more than 200 delegates before. You will be presenting for the first time outside of their organisation/place of work/tertiary institution.

Abstracts to be considered for the First Time Presenter include:

  • Abstract
  • Title
  • Author(s) Surname, Initial. Organisational Affiliation.
  • Introduction and background
  • Aims/objectives
  • Description of the work
  • Outcomes/significance/policy and practice change
  • Implications for mental health nursing
  • Identify 2-3 learning objectives significant to paper/poster/workshop
  • Author will nominate that they are a 'first time presenter' when their abstract is submitted.


Presentations eligible for the First Time Presenter Award are assessed against the following criteria:

  1. The issue is clearly described and includes a description of relevance for consumers, carers, the community, mental health nurses and/or other health practitioners.
  2. The presentation draws on contemporary theoretical frameworks and nursing and related literature
  3. The presentation establishes a connection between the body of knowledge and supports the presenters conclusions
  4. The presenter clearly articulates key points, engages the audience and uses relevant audio-visual aids
  5. The presenter keeps to time and responds well to discussion and questions from the audience


Previous Winners

2014 winner

Alex Fenlon
Mental Health Nursing and the Partners in Recovery Program: improving coordination of services


2015 Winner
Christine Cummins


2016 winner

Rebecca Lofts and Jo Ryan
Mental Health Nursing in a correctional environment: How do we incorporate recovery-oriented practice?


2017 winner

Lynne Campbell
A Nurse's Experience: Working on the Thin Blue Line - collaborative approach to crisis management


2018 winner

Jos Middleton
Furtherest corner, finest care


2019 winner

Ellen Davies
Integrating research and practice: Development and testing of the Needs in Recovery Assessment (NiRA)