Research Award



The Research Award is presented to the best research paper presented.

Abstracts being considered for the Research Award:

To be eligible for the ACMHN Research Award, the abstract must report on a research project that is completed or a completed section of a program of research and that the research has ethical approval, or quality improvement (minimal risk) approval or is a systematic review or a quality improvement project, and needs to include:

  • Abstract
  • Title
  • Author(s) Surname, Initial.
  • Organisational Affiliation.
  • Introduction and background
  • Aims/Objectives/Hypotheses
  • Methodology and methods
  • Results
  • Outcomes/significance/Implications for the profession
  • Translation to policy and/or practice change
  • Identify 2-3 learning objectives significant to the paper

Presentations eligible for the Research Award are assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Introduction and background to the research including aims, objectives or Hypotheses
  2. Methodology and methods
  3. Results and outcomes
  4. Significance and translation to policy, practice and profession of Mental Health Nursing and/or consumer and family /community
  5. Presentation, audience engagement and discussion


The Research Award is generously sponsored by: 

murdoch university



Previous Winners

2010 Winners

Drinkwater, Mullen and Chesterson

Drinkwater, Mullen and Chesterson


2010 Runners Up

D. Wynaden

Matthew, Walsh, Munro and O'Brien


2011 Winner(s)

Kim Foster, Andrea McCloughen and Cynthia Delgado
What is known about the physical health and wellbeing of emerging adults with mental illness?


2011 Runners Up

Matt Dilges
Integrating theoretical concepts to practice for intervening with systems and children impacted on by trauma

Etty Matalon and Ursula Perry
Quitting Cannabis 1-6


2012 Winners

John Hurley and Paul Lindsey
Realistic evaluation of nurse-led services within Scottish Police holding cells


2012 Runners Up

Mike Hazelton
Mental health in comprehensive nursing education: is the fabric really that threadbare?

Fiona Gosling
Weaving mental health into the fabric of the courts


2013 Winners

Ian Munro and Sini Jacob
Don't go ahead or behind, walk alongside to understand the real meaning of recovery


2013 Runners Up

Andrew Watkins
Nurse-obtained metabolic monitoring within a psychiatric hospital

Terance McCann


2014 Winner

Maggie McIntosh
Is the post anaesthetic care of patients receiving ECT and patients undergoing minor general anaesthesia comparable?


2014 Runners Up

Bindu Joseph
"Working towards shaping the future, little known"; An exploration of the experiences of being an overseas trained nurse from Kerala, India; and working in mental health in Australia

Peter Santangelo
Shaping recovery-focused mental health nursing for the future: report of a grounded theory study 

2015 Winner

Andrew Watkins


2016 Winner

Phillip Maude


2017 Winner

David Ekers


2018 Winner

Teresa Kelly 

Every heart matters: A call for a radical approach to addressing cardio-vascular inequalities


2019 Winner

Sione Vaka

Ūloa, an ethnic model of integrating mental health care