College mental health fact sheets

Addiction and mental health

Anxiety Disorders

Bipolar Disorder

Chronic Illness and Depression



LGBTI mental health

Mental illness: facts from fiction

Promoting good mental health


What is mental illness?

What is a mental health nurse?


College brochures

Chronic illness and depression

Credentialing for mental health nurses



Living well in our community

Larry Davidson: Contribution to Mental Health Reform 

Introducing the Mental Health Commission of NSW

Medication safety

Medication Safety - Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

National Medicines Policy - Department of Health

Quality use of medicines strategy - Department of Health

Medication Safety: safety and quality improvement guide - Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Reducing adverse drug events in mental health services - Department of Health

Resources to implement the NSQHS Standards - Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health CareAustralian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

By other organisations

iphYs: HeAL declaration

MHPN: Starting a network

MHPN: Coordinator guide

MHPN: Network support fact sheet

Mental Health Coordinating Council: Recovery oriented language guide

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia: Understanding mental illness and violence

SANEAustralia: Suicide prevention and recovery guide

SANEAustralia: A life without stigma

CFMHN: Frequently asked questions from the Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses

AHPRA: Recency of practice

AHPRA: Enrolled nurses and medicine administration

Mental Health Council of Australia: Refugees and asylum seekers in immigration detention

World Mental Health Day: Mental Health Facts

World Federation for Mental Health: Cancer and mental illness

World Federation for Mental Health: Diabetes & depression

World Federation for Mental Health: Heart Disease and Depression

World Federation for Mental Health: Obesity and mental illness

World Federation for Mental Health: Respiratory Diseases and mental illness

Various Organisations: Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Australia June 2010


Psychiatry Research Review

Professional Indemnity Insurance information for nurses

beyondblue: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perinatal mental health: A guide for primary care health professionals

At Ease - Department of Veterans' Affairs


Mental Health Professionals Network

Mental Health Teaching and Learning Clearinghouse


Australian Health Pracitioner Regulation Agency Reports

Schizophrenia Diaries





Impacted Nurse


Articles of interest

Ordinary chat and therapeutic conversation: phatic communication and mental health nursing
By P Burnard
Published in the Journal of Pyschiatric and Mental Health Nursing 2003, 10, 678-682

Making Queensland history: noteworthy people and achievements in mental health nursing
By McAllister, M., Happell, B., & Bradshaw, J. (2010)
Published by University of the Sunshine Coast

Weight Expectations: the pressure to be thin
By Alexandra Christie
Published in Honisoit

Personal stories by people with a mental illness, their families and friends
From the Western Australian Mental Health Commission

Your stories
From the Mental Health Foundation UK

Providers of care in Australia
Published in Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings, 2009 (cat. no. 4430.0).

Strategies for reducing stigma toward persons with mental illness
By David L Penn and Shannon M Couture
Published in World Psychiatry 2002 February; 1(1): 20–21

Stigma of mental illness and ways of diminishing it
By Peter Byrne
Published in Advances in Psychiatric Treatment









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