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These eLists are specifically for mental health nurses to discuss clinical and other issues related to their practice. These lists provide a mental health nursing community discussion forum; they may not be used by third parties (individuals or groups) to promote a product, event, business or organisation. 

These lists are un-moderated and  The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses takes no responsibility for, nor endorses opinions of members or non-members, as expressed through these networks. The opinions expressed on these lists cannot be considered the opinions of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

Nuisance posts (abusive, racist, sexist, advertising etc) will not be tolerated. The College takes pride that the tone of our email network has always been casual, generous and supportive.


This list is a public forum intended for professional debate on issues relating to mental health.


Primary Mental Health Care E-list

This list is a public forum intended for mental health nurses and other practitioners working in primary mental health care. Mental health nurses in private practice, those working under the Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program or in primary care can discuss all issues related to clinical practice.


Perinatal & Infant Mental Health Nurse eNetwork

The Perinatal & Infant Mental Health Nurse eNetwork aims to link peers for an exchange of information, support and ideas; sharing contact with peers who share perinatal & infant mental health experiences and interests. This public e-Network is not moderated and requires that you register to post to the group.


Consultation Liaison Nurse Network - Open Forum

This network is a public forum intended for professional debate on issues relating to CL nursing.

No matter where you live and work, if you're a Mental Health/Psychiatric CL Nurse you are very welcome to join in the discussion.

The network is maintained by the ACMHNs CLSIG. To subscribe, click here.


Aboriginal and Torrest Strait Islander Special Interest Group Network

The primary purpose of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses ATSI Special Interest Group (SIG) is to promote interest in and the development of skills working with people from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.

To be kept up to date with the happenings of the SIG, or to discuss relevant ATSI matters, sign up for the e-list here.


Clinical Supervision Special Interest Group Network

This e-list is for discussion of topics related to clinical supervision and also serves as the communication channel for members of the ACMHN Clinical Supervision Special Interest Group

Membership of this e-list is open to all.  The list is unmoderated in terms of pre-filtering but it is owned and monitored by the ACMHN and the ACMHN's e-list policy (above) and usual rules of email etiquette apply.

To subscribe, go to and hit subscribe on the left-hand menu.


Eating Disorder Special Interest Group

The ACMHN Eating Disorder SIG would provide Nurses with a platform to share and potentially create:

*National and State-wide standards

*Clear training, education and supervision pathways

*Sharing and creating clinical guidelines

*Nursing led research within the specialty area of Eating Disorders

*Support tertiary services in providing education to undergraduate nurses

To subscribe, go to and hit subscribe on the left-hand menu.


Older Adults Mental Health Special Interest Group Network 

The older adults' mental health field is a growing one, given the ageing population of Australia. This network allows clinicians, researchers, academics and mental health nurses with a particular interest in the mental health of older adults to discuss issues, share resources and network across the country.

To subscribe, go to


Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Network

An email network for mental health nurse practitioners. 

To subscribe, go to


Nurse Manager eList

An eList for nurse managers.

To subscribe, go to


Forensic SIG eList

The Forensic Mental Health Special Interest Group of the ACMHN has setup an eList to facilitate discussion within the SIG.

To sign-up visit


Psychotherapy eList

The purpose of the psychotherapy SIG is to support, facilitate, promote and advance psychotherapy as an integral component of Mental Health Nursing practice

Summary of key issues:

  • Psychotherapy is a core component of mental health nursing practice, particularly but by no means exclusively in community and primary care settings.
  • Many MHNs practice psychotherapy at various levels of expertise as frequently illustrated at conferences and in collegial conversations (particularly via the
    Primary Care e-list).
  • This essential aspect of our practice is poorly recognised outside our profession, most notably by Commonwealth funding bodies (to the detriment of colleagues practicing in primary care and of course potential consumers).
  • There is currently no specific forum for collegial support, promotion, research and practice improvement.

To sign-up visit 



ACMHN Branch lists

The following ACMHN branches have eLists -

Greater Western Sydney -
NT -
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You can find out more information about branches and their contacts by lick on the Branch's webpage from the main menu bar.

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