Welcome to the Reseach Special Interest Group

The primary function of the Research Special Interest Group is to support mental health nursing research and to facilitate continued practice development in mental health nursing.

The Research Special Interest Group will promote and advance mental health nursing research by:

• providing members of the College and other disciplines who have a particular interest in mental health nursing research with a forum for exchanging news, views and ideas,
• supporting the launch and ongoing functioning of a Research e-List as a networking and communication tool for:

  • supporting new mental health nurse researchers to sound out ideas and to obtain advice from experienced MHN researchers,
  • facilitating mutually supportive exploration of opportunities, dilemmas and challenges relevant to mental health nursing research, including ethics, methodology, recruitment, study-management, service support and supervision, publication and related issues,
  • disseminating current mental health nursing research and findings and facilitating knowledge exchange initiatives.


The membership of the Research Special Interest Group will consist of financial and nonfinancial members of the College who have requested to be recorded as members of the Research Special Interest Group.

Terms of Reference:

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Want to get involved?

Join our e-List to connect with a number of people interested in mental health nursing research.

Membership of this e-List is open to all. The list is unmoderated in terms of pre-filtering but it is owned and monitored by the ACMHN and the ACMHN's e-List policy and usual rules of email etiquette apply.

To subscribe, go to https://lists.acmhn.org/mailman/listinfo/research-sig